Gammon Structure


Currently company operates in 28 countries around the world, "Gammon Group" has a strong staff base provided by work more than 200,000 employees. Financial turnover of the company in last three years is close to $ 27 billions.

Management of the company makes by the Board of Directors, Each Director works and represents the subsidiary company or represents the country where the company opened the office. 






Vice-President Gammon Group

Dr. Khuram Chodri









Company Divisions:

  • Gammon Construction
  • Gammon Investments
  • Gammon Aviation
  • Gammon Contracting
  • Gammon Road Contracting 
  • Gammon Transport
  • National Insurance company.
  • Gammon Electro Mechanical
  • Gammon Businessman Services LLC
  • Gammon Group LTD.
  • KASCO Petroleum


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